20 May 2018 - Pentecost
Future of the Church in Leicester

Bishop Patrick has asked the priests of the Leicester area to begin formulating plans for the future and how to promote the mission of the Church in our area.

The challenges facing the Church are constantly evolving, they are not always the same as they were in the past. We need to adapt to the challenges as we experience them today and as we are likely to experience them in the future. It helps to focus our minds when we consider that there are 18 diocesan parishes in the Leicester deanery, served by 14 parish priests, 7 of whom are over 70.

The initial discussions will focus on three areas...

1. Proclaiming the gospel and explaining Catholic teaching
EG Courses of evangelisation, missions and retreats, sacramental preparation etc

2. Establishing clearer and more effective channels of communication
EG Deanery website, information on parish notice-boards, newsletters, social media etc

3. How to provide effective pastoral care to those in hospital
EG Who to contact when someone is admitted to hospital, who is responsible for visiting, role of lay chaplains, responsibilities of priests and deacons, how to contact priests in an emergency, how Extraordinary Ministers might be involved in bringing Holy Communion to the hospitalised etc

Everyone is invited to give some thought to these matters.  If you feel you have something to contribute, please communicate it to Fr John for him to raise at the next Deanery meeting (24 May). 

Irish Referendum on the Eighth Amendment, 25 May 2018

In their Spring Statement, the Irish Bishops wrote:
"Article 40.3.3 is a declaration of equality and respect for human life.  It represents, at the very foundations and substructure of our laws, a conviction that all human life is worth cherishing equally.  To repeal this Article would leave unborn children at the mercy of whatever permissive abortion laws might be introduced in Ireland in the future. We invite people of faith to pray earnestly that Ireland will “choose life” and that the lives of all women and their unborn children will always be loved, valued, welcomed and respected in this country.”

For more information visit www.chooselife2018.ie

On the evening before the vote (Thursday 24 May) people are invited to keep a vigil in church after the evening Mass. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed until 10.00pm.


Catholic Women of Faith

This is a new initiative in the parish, organised by Mrs Angela Agbude.  This group share prayers with one another, encourages one another by asking for any prayer requests, thanks God for one another, shares the word of God, celebrates with one another.  So far 25 people have joined the group and other women are invited to join in. The group communicate using WhatsApp and you can join by contacting Angela on 07404 537 368.

Thank You

Daniel & Angela Bennett would like to thank everyone who donated money for the sponsored walk for the Ragoobeer family.  £340 was raised, which will go to Jose and Scottie. Your generosity and support is very much appreciated.

Mowing the Lawn

We are grateful to the small band of gardeners, who regularly tend the church grounds. This year, they are hoping to get a mowing rota up and running, which will mean more people sharing the upkeep of the grass areas around the church. Petrol mower available.  Please add your name to the list on the notice-board if you can help.

WW2 Afternoon Tea

Thank you very much to everyone who came along last Sunday afternoon.  A good time was had by all and £275 was raised for the charity Combat Stress.  Photos of the afternoon can be seen in the photo gallery

Life Charity Shop

Thank you to everyone who donates items for shop. Please continue to support us by donating saleable clothing, bric-a-brac, working order electrical goods etc into the box under the newspaper stand in the church porch.  If you would like to volunteer in the shop (100 Granby St) contact Liz on 0116 254 2328, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Children’s Coats

There are a large number of children’s coats hanging upstairs in the hall, some of which have been there for some time.  If your child has lost their coat, please look and see if it is there.  Any coats not claimed by the end of May will be disposed of to a suitable charity shop. 


This is the world's largest Catholic media network, reaching over 150 million homes.

Programmes cover an excellent range of Catholic teaching, discussion, news, family entertainment, conversion stories, saints lives, and live events including the Holy Father's weekly audience from Rome. It's your way to be better connected to the Catholic world!

Even if you don't yet receive EWTN, you can register to get a taste for what's on - everything is free and there is Live TV and Radio at www.ewtn.co.uk

Dates For Your Diary  

Parish Readers


Will next meet on Wednesday 23 May at 10.00am.

Weekend Retreat

Friday 1 – Sunday 3 June at The Rosmini Centre.  A weekend of silent prayer and reflection for Corpus Christi.  Please see poster for full details and booking or contact Heather Ward 01773 599982.

Pax Christi Annual Gathering

Saturday 2 June. This year the event is being held in Nottingham, instead of its usual venue in London. It would be great if there was good support from people in the Nottingham Diocese.  www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pax-christi-annual-general-meeting-tickets-44476133312     

Also the National Justice and Peace Network Annual Conference in Swanwick in July www.justice-and-peace.org.uk/conference 

Francis Caus Charity Fish'n Chip Supper and Quiz Night

Saturday 16 June at 7.30pm.  Tickets £8, raffle and shared table of sweets.   Sign up today on the notice board list to book your ticket.

St Peregrine Devotion

Thursday 28 June. We pray to our Patron Saint of Cancer. Come together for short devotional prayers straight after evening Mass, on the last Thursday of every month.

Parish Annual BBQ

Saturday 30 June at 7.30pm.  More details to follow, but tickets coming soon so please save the date!