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An Exploration of Catholic Faith from around the World and through Time
September - December 2013

Flyer Downloads
The following flyers can be downloaded if you wish to give details to any friends or family in printed format:

The Catholicism Programme is a professionally produced course based on 10 DVD presentations.

The course will consist of ten 1½ hour sessions after the Thursday evening Mass.  The sessions will be conducted in an informal café style, combining the 50 minute DVD presentation with time for discussion and clarification.  We hope to provide a frugal supper as well as tea and coffee.

The course is being offered FREE OF CHARGE and is open to all Catholics 15 years old and above, any enquirers who are considering joining the Church, any adults who wish to be prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

A full overview of the course can be accessed on the internet www.catholicismseries.com


The sessions for all of the following dates will be begin at 7:15pm and run to 8:45pm, all on Thursday evenings following the evening Mass.

  • 19th September - Amazed and Afraid: The Revelation of God become Man
  • 26th September - Happy are we: The Teachings of Jesus
  • 10th October - The Ineffable Mystery of God: that than which nothing greater can be thought
  • 17th October - Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast: Mary, the Mother of God
  • 31st October - The Indispensable Men: Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure
  • 14th November - A Body Both Suffering & Glorious: The Mystical Union of Christ & the Church
  • 28th November - Word Made Flesh, True Bread of Heaven: The Church’s Sacrament & Worship
  • 5th December - A Vast Company of Witnesses: The Communion of Saints
  • 12th December - The Fire of His Love: Prayer and the Life of the Spirit
  • 19th December - World without End: The Last Things 

Further Information

The DVDs that the course is based around have been created by Fr. Robert Barron, as a presentation of what Catholics believe and why. This engaging and interesting program uses the art, architecture, literature, music and all the treasures of the Catholic tradition to illuminate the timeless teachings of the Church.

The CATHOLICISM Study Program offers a full and faithful exposition of the Catholic Faith, unfolding God’s revelation in Jesus Christ and through His Church.

The program will surely help to deepen the participants’ understanding of the faith, enabling them to communicate that faith with greater confidence.

The CATHOLICISM program is a timely contribution to the Church’s efforts, as She seeks to renew the work of evangelisation. The course will serve to help both those who already share the Catholic Faith as well as those who are embarking on a journey towards the Church.


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The Catholic Faith

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