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Ninth StationJesus, your journey has been long.  You fall again, beneath your cross.  You know your journey is coming to an end.  You struggle and struggle.  You get up and keep going.

As a child, sometimes I fail time and time again.  I find it hard to get along with my sisters and brothers, sometimes I'm not honest, sometimes I'm lazy.  I'm tempted to stop trying.  It's just too hard sometimes.

As an adult, I often feel I should have conquered my weaknesses by now.  I become discouraged when I'm confronted by the same problems over and over again.  Sometimes I get weary.  When I have health problems, I can become discouraged and depressed.

Help me think of the cross you carried.  Help me continue to hope that I can make the changes in my life I need to.  You didn't give up.  I can have the strength to get up again as well.

My Jesus, by all the bitter woes Thou didst endure when for the third time the heavy cross bowed Thee to the earth, never, I beseech Thee, let me fall again into sin.  Ah, my Jesus, rather let me die than ever offend Thee again.

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