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Sixth StationJesus, suddenly a woman comes out of the crowd.  Her name is Veronica.  You can see how she cares for you as she takes a cloth and begins to wipe the blood and sweat from your face.  She can't do much, but she offers what little help she can.

As a child, sometimes I know someone could use a little help and understanding.  They may be picked on or teased by others, or just sad or lonely.  Sometimes I feel bad that others don't step in to help, but I don't help either.

As an adult, I notice the needs around me.  Sometimes my own family members crave my attention, and I don't even seem to notice.  Sometimes a co-worker, friend, or family member could use help or understanding, but I don't reach out to help lest I be criticized, or that they demand more of me than I'd like to give.

My tender Jesus, Who didst deign to print Thy sacred face upon the cloth with which Veronica wiped the sweat from off Thy brow, print in my soul deep, I pray Thee, the lasting memory of Thy bitter pains.

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