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Third StationJesus, the cross you have been carrying is very heavy.  You are becoming weak and almost ready to faint, and you fall down.  Nobody seems to want to help you.  The soldiers are interested in getting home, so they yell at you and try to get you up and moving again.

As a child, sometimes I start to do something, but then get tired of it.  I hurry to get finished and sometimes don't do my work well.  Sometimes I don't pay attention to what I should be doing.  When things get hard for me, sometimes I give up.

As an adult, I sometimes put things off.  I give up too easily, and sometimes don't do my work as well as I know I can.

My Jesus, the heavy burden of my sins is on Thee, and bears Thee down beneath the cross.  I loathe them, I detest them; I call on Thee to pardon them; may Thy grace aid me never more to commit them.

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